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Re: albinism & melanism (aka ebony & ivory?)

On Fri, 11 Jun 1999 09:27:06 -0400 Andrea Kirk wrote:
> For some reason the strangest idea popped into my head this morning...
> Albinism is known in archosaurs (well-known in birds, and I have seen 
> an albino alligator in my lifetime), so it's a pretty reasonable guess 
> that some dinosaurs were albinos, isn't it?  Yet I've never seen any
> portrayed that way in reconstructions. 
> On the same thought, is melanism documented in reptiles and birds? 

Isn't there a pic of a melanistic _Deinonychus_ (labelled _Velociraptor
antirrhopus_) in Predatory Dinosaurs of the World? 

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