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Re: BHIGR Q , plus some other things


The Institute has been planning to build a museum just outside of Hill City, SD, for some time. They have the land purchased, etc., just need to build the facilities. Things got put off because of the Sue deal, but I think it will get going in the near future. They also are just finishing an addition to their current museum, with space for collections, offices, gift shop, etc. That should free up more room for exhibits, etc. (Some time ago, Kraig Derstler joked that if the BHI got any more theropod skeletons, they would have to start hanging them from the ceiling to make room).

One of the cooler displays they have, for all of you theropod fans, is a cast pair of Struthiomimus in a running position. You never realize how big ostrich mimes could be until you see a mounted skeleton.

On a related note, Natural History Days will be June 19 and 20 in Hill City, SD, with Phil Currie speaking, amongst others. Also, a cast Stan the T. rex skeleton is now on display in Sioux Falls, SD at the new science center (Pete seemed rather proud of the fact that this is the first skeleton they've placed in-state).

I'll be back and forth between Hill City and home this summer, and will keep everyone posted on the fossil stuff!

Hope that helps (and sorry to digress, but I get rather enthusiastic when it comes to SD fossils),

Andy Farke


I saw the National Geo. special on Sue (Colossal fossil), and thought it was
very interesting. The photography and video was okie. :) I thought it was
awesome when they showed the BHIGR, especially since I've been there before.
On the show, it said something about the black hills institute having a new
museum somewhere? Can anyone tell me more about this? ie: Where it is, is it

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