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Trcic life restoration of Triceratops horridus

A message for those interested in dinosaur models.

Mike Trcic gave me some great news today -- his 1/35th
scale Triceratops horridus is finished and being cast
up.  It can be posed in the traditional but
now-neglected life-or-death struggle with his
sculpture of a certain giant coelurosaur.

Many people on the figures list have written to me
asking about Triceratops models; well, this is a
second one, joining Greg Wenzel's Triceratops in
1/35th scale.  Greg's restorations are generally more
conservative than Mike's.  I love each sculptor's work
in its own way.  Each guy is superbly skilled at what
he does.

Mike is the fellow who sculpted the T. rex for
JURASSIC PARK, by the way.  Greg did the illustrations
for Crichton's book THE LOST WORLD.

To see his 1/35th scale Tyrannosaurus rex, go here:

(Figures folks -- I am not subscribed)

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