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Dinosaur Questions, Relating Vaguely to Dinosaur Park Formation

Alright dudes.
Is there a general consensus on ornithomimosaur, caenagnathid and therizinosaur diets?
Does anyone know of mass estimates for the following beasts:
Erlikosaurus andrewsi
Paronychodon lacustris
Apatornis celer
Brachylophosaurus canadensis
Gryposaurus notabilis
G. incurvimanus
Prosaurolophus maximus
Lambeosaurus lambei
L. magnicristatus
Parasaurolophus walkeri
Thescelosaurus neglectus
Gravitholus albertae
Ornatotholus browni
Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis
Edmontonia logiceps
Anchiceratops ornatus
Centrosaurus apertus
Monoclonius crassus
Thanx beaucoup!
Grant Harding
High school student/closet paleontologist
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"...I suspect he actually has a subspecies of _Stenonychosaurus_, though I
haven't decided for sure...small Triassic carnivore--two meters from pes to
acetabulum. In point of fact, a rather ordinary theropod..." -from Crichton's _The Lost World_