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Re: Interesting crow behavior!

John Bois wrote:

<But this is what it is doing: there is an ant's nest
just there. It is dragging its body over the nest so
that ants will crawl or get stuck in its feathers. 
Then it stands up straight and pecks the ants off its
belly!! Tool use, indeed. Inventiveness. Insectivory.
Stone the crows!>

  Yaaah! Smartest passerines around, and you want to
stone 'em? No, I know it was a joke.

  Could the crow (what species?) be using the ants to
rid itself of pests, and then remove the tools? I know
this is a biggie, and Greg Bear suggested it in
_Dinosaur Summer_ (1998).

  Just a thought, unless this is what you were
implying, John.

Jaime A. Headden

"May I lure us, ere the mote ends us?"

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