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Re: Interesting crow behavior!

I've always been impressed with crows' and ravens' intelligence.  When 
working at a  remote site in Alaska, I recall one time when our sack lunches 
were seemingly searched as we toted car batteries around to power various 
scientific instruments.  While we were eating the remains of our lunches, a 
crow perched near us, looked us up and down as they are wont to do, and 
proceeded to hop over to various rocks, tip them over, extract crackers and 
cookies that it had obviously hidden there, and eat them, cawing derisively 
all the time.  I guess it showed us late-coming upstart mammalian species!  
Back to lurking.  

PS - I just finished reading "Night Comes to the Cretaceous" by J. L. Powell. 
 Any informed comments on this book?  I enjoyed reading about the scientific 
squabbles and bickering over various hypotheses in the same way as I 
sometimes guiltily enjoy watching one of those horrible half-hour 
sensationalistic "news" shows on TV....and I thought scientists were above 
such things! :^)