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New Images at Oceans of Kansas

  The ever busy Mike Everhart has asked me to let you know about new 
additions to his Oceans of Kansas website (http://www.oceansofkansas.com). He 
has added so many new images of mosasaur skeletal material (mostly cranial) 
that he has divided his "Virtual Mosasaur Museum" into four separate 
galleries: Clidastes, Plioplatecarpines, Tylosaurs, and Mosasaurus. I don't 
believe that there is any other source with so much visual information about 
mosasaurs. One can readily get a feel for the gestalt of each group. I wish 
it would have been around about ten years ago. Also featured there are new 
life restorations by Russell Hawley of the Tate Museum. The url is: 
  Mike has also added an image of a cast of the skull of the Denver Museum 
elasmosaur, Thalassomedon, at : http://www.oceansofkansas.com/plesio2.html
Dan Varner.