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Re: [Re: Triceratops defence]

> II) Best defense is a good offense: see I, then charge.

   About this, on the T. rex's side of that offense, now, I know that the
Triceratops (or I'm pretty sure about htis anyway) was capable of bursts for
charging like that, something about the nemial crest, well, just the knee
structure and how scientists have used that to interperet how the muscles laid
on the bone anyway. So, I'm assuming that the charge would've been very strong
and fast, or at least the latter depending how pointy the horns were. Now, T.
rex, would he have been able to maybe dodge this charge and end up in a good
biting position at the tric's side maybe? Or, is this expecting too much of
the t.rex? This may also raise another question, I do believe that
dromaesaurids (I hate that word, can never spell it right) were able to do
this, now that would just be an unfair fight, a pack of something from the
dromy family ganging up on a tric.....heheheh.....
> III) Herd behavior.  If _Triceratops_, like some other ceratopsids, were
> herd animals

    Is there any evidence of this anywheres?


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