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Re: [Re: Triceratops defence]

Dinosaurs having no patella means a single sharp direct implement thrust
at the knee could dislocate the lower leg.
Knee high to a T rex is about nosehorn high on a Triceratops, yes?

-Betty Cunningham

Caleb Lewis wrote:
>    About this, on the T. rex's side of that offense, now, I know that the
> Triceratops (or I'm pretty sure about htis anyway) was capable of bursts for
> charging like that, something about the nemial crest, well, just the knee
> structure and how scientists have used that to interperet how the muscles laid
> on the bone anyway. So, I'm assuming that the charge would've been very strong
> and fast, or at least the latter depending how pointy the horns were. Now, T.
> rex, would he have been able to maybe dodge this charge and end up in a good
> biting position at the tric's side maybe? Or, is this expecting too much of
> the t.rex?

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