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Sidestepping dinosaurs; Triceratops maneuverability (was: Triceratops defense)

--- Andy Farke <andyfarke@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >Random amateur thought: I was looking at a drawing
> of a Triceratops charing 
> >a T Rex in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of
> Dinosaurs this weekend and 
> >thinking, "unless that T Rex is asleep he's going
> to sidestep that charge 
> >and then have a clean shot at the unarmored body
> behind the frill, and that 
> >spine is right on top..."
> Good point. 

Is it?  Were dinosaur legs configured to sidestep? 
Didn't their legs just go back and forth?

Don't have my books here to check ....

In fact, would not Triceratops have been more
maneuverable than T. rex?  (Not faster.)  Dr. Holtz,
are you reading this?


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