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Re: Feeding Baby Dinos

"James R. Cunningham" wrote:
> In order to remain remotely on topic, I'll mention dinosaurs here.
> "Dinosaurs".  There.
> Now for my question to anyone on the list.  My cat just brought home a young
> Bluejay.  It is not injured, but is still a little too young to fly and care
> for itself.  What do I feed it?  Does it require water seperate from its
> regular food?  And how do I get rid of the bugs it's infested with?
> Thanks,
> Jim Cunningham


        Moistened cat or dog food should be ok for food, and I'd leave a
little water handy too, not enough for the dumb bird to drown
itself in.  That's one of their favorite tricks.  It may learn to
drink on it's own anyhow.  Little bits of fruits and soft veggies
would be ok, but not too much at a time.  It is likely a bit of a
pig, since it's still growing.  Any soft bugs or small
caterpillars would likely be welcome.  Grown blue jays will eat a
little of everything. 

Go to a garden store and get some  Sevin dust.  Rub the dust in
the feathers thoroughly and particularly under the wings. 
That'll fix the bird lice.

        Good luck!

I don't want to be your lullaby.
Michelle Kwan