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More Dino Questions...

Here we go again.
On the list of dinosaurs from Dinosaur Park Formation, _Montanoceratops_ is listed as just a genus name.  Does anyone know if this was _M. cerorhynchus_ itself or some kind of _M. sp._?
What is the area of the Dinosaur Park Formation?
Thanks to those who responded to my last inquiry about dinosaur masses, but there are still a couple I *need*.  Here they are:
Apatornis celer
Ricardoestesia gilmorei
Brachylophosaurus canadensis
Gryposaurus notabilis
G. incurvimanus
Prosaurolophus maximus
Corythosaurus casuarius
Lambeosaurus lambei
L. magnicristatus
Parasaurolophus walkeri
Orodromeus makelai
Thescelosaurus neglectus
Gravitholus albertae
Ornatotholus browni
Undesc. full-domed pachycephalosaurid from Dino Park Form.
Edmontonia rugosidens
Montanoceratops cerorhynchus
Centrosaurus apertus
Thank you so much.
Grant Harding
High school student/closet paleontologist
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