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Re: Feeding Baby Dinos

Hi, I work for an organization called Tri State Bird Rescue and Research - 
fed hundreds of blue jays - mix dog food (preferably Ken L Ration) with egg 
yolk and apple sauce till it has a constitency that allows you to scoop up 
small pieces with a paintbrush then offer the bird the paintbrush, it should 
gap if its well, place the brush into its gapping mouth and it should feed, 
have a separate dish of water, one brush food, then dip the brush in the 
water and offer it a brush of water.

The bugs are called mites, they are harmless to people and though they may 
crawl on you when you handle the bird just brush them off, they aren't 
interested in staying on you.  At Tri-State we use a prescription item for 
riding birds of mites - I'll find out tomorrow what you can use that you can 
get over the counter and email you in tomorrow.

Good Luck.  Thanks for caring.

Donna Handforth