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Re: Feeding Baby Dinos

Few important things I forgot to mention when caring for baby birds:  feeding 
should be done as close to every half hour/45 minutes as you can from sun up 
to sun down,  leave the baby bird a dish of food till you see it has started 
feeding on his own.  I would not recommend leaving it water till you see it 
has started eating on its own then leave it a small dish like a mayonnaise 
jar lid with a small stone in it.  Also you should have a branch for it to 
perch on and feed it without handling it or you risk the bird bonding with 
humans.  If its a very young bird and doesn't perch make it a nest with small 
plastic container lined with tissues till its old enough to perch.

Let me know how you make out.

If you can get it to a rehabilitation facility it would be better for both 
you and the bird!

Lastly, should anyone pick up a baby dove species (mourning dove, rock dove 
commonly called pigeon) these species have to be tube fed and will not 
survive without going to rehabilitation facility.  Very young birds that will 
not gap will also require tube feeding, which cannot be done without proper