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Re: BBC Mammals

Dan Tapster asked:

> If you could re-create certain extinct animals for this series, 
> which would you chose and why? 
> For instance  it is highly likely that Megazostrodon will make the
> final cut, but what of the others...Uintatherium, Indricotherium,
> Syndtoceras and Glyptodons are reasonably unusual compared to extant 
> mammals.

I think Megazostrodon would be an extremely good choice.  Not only is
it obviously of great scientific interest, but you'll be able to put
dinosaurs in the background.  Which means higher ratings...

I would like to see some of: Smilodon and Thylacosmilus, Macrauchenia,
proboscideans (e.g. Gomphotherium, Deinotherium), rhino-like creatures
(e.g. Uintatherium, Arsinotherium).  These all look familiar but
different, like deformed versions of modern animals.  Despite looking
wrong, they were just as successful as their modern counterparts.

Glyptodon, Paraceratherium = Baluchitherium = Indricotherium, and
Ambulocetus appear more bizarre and monstrous.  I've got nothing
against smaller mammls such as Leptictidium, but if there's only going
to be one token typical (i.e. small) mammal, I'd want Megazostrodon or

Among non-mammalian synapsids, Dimetrodon is an obvious choice. 
Dicynodon or anything which was locally very abundant would be
impressive, too.

And if I could pick only one extinct mammal to take to my desert
island, it would be a glytodont.  Either Glyptodon or one of the ones
with thagomizers.  Not just strange, but also very powerful.

All the best,

Bill Adlam
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