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Black Hills Institute

Greetings all,

I'm just back from the Black Hills Institute in Hill City (stayed overnight there before taking college placement tests). Their construction is finished, exhibits rearranged, and it is *cool*!

Aside from the Stan skeleton that is always there, they also have a Stan cast, posed in pursuit of two ornithomimids. There's also an albertosaur, Diatryma, Triceratops skull, Struthiomimus in situ, lots of theropod skulls, some ornithischian stuff, new Pachycephalosaurus skull, etc. Plus, Neal has more of his ammonites on display, along with neat Oligocene and Eocene fossils. They've added new lighting, etc., and it doesn't feel quite as crowded as it used to. A new giftshop, storage facilities, etc., round out the greatly improved BHI.

As I've said previously, Phil Currie will be presenting a talk in Hill City on ?Saturday, as are Pete Larson, Neal Larson, Martin Lockley and others. Bob Bakker will be there too, according to Neal.

I came home to find part of a Triceratops skull cast sitting in my living room, so I'll probably quit writing now to go play with that.


Andy Farke

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