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WORM virus

Dear list members

I don't know whether you lot across the pond and elsewhere are having/have
had/will have the same problem with this e-mail virus that we are having in
Britain, but I thought I'd forward this warning message to you just in case.


>               ===========================
>Dear All,
>       Firms are on the alert for a sinister new computer bug which is
>sweeping through the Internet.
>       The so-called 'worm' originated in Israel, is spread by e-mail and
>has already caused chaos in several counteries It is said to be similar to
>the recent Melissa virus - but more cunning and more damaging.
>       Known as the 'ExploreZip' worm, it spreads rapidly and can wipe
>out computer files. The worm is cleverly disguised as an innocent-looking
>e-mail. But it has an attachment, or 'zip file', which can wreak havoc if
>       The e-mail appears to be a response to an earlier messeage. It
>reads: 'I received your e-mail, and I shall reply ASAP. Till then, take a
>look at the zipped docs.' 
>       My advise to you is to, DELETE THE MESSAGE, INCLUDING THE ZIPPED
>FILE. Anyone who responds by clicking on the attached file will launch the
>virus into their computer. It will search for the Microsoft Outlook e-mail
>program, go through your other e-mail messages and send a reply to all of
>them, each carrying another copy of the dangerous file.
>       Meanwhile it will search the computer's hsrd disk for files and
>attempt to delete them, including any made using Microsoft Word, Excel,
>and Powerpoint.
>       The bug is called a worm because it cannot spread by itself - it
>has be attached to an e-mail message.
>       You have been warned, so please take action, or not in this
>       Regards.
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