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Re: Dinosaur trackway in Russia

Some important questions to ask:
    1. What is the approximate age of the rocks?
    2. How large is "very large"?
    3. Given all that is happening in Russia, do you really trust this guy
enough to go into the middle of nowhere with him and does it make sense
for a bunch of (comparatively) wealthy westerners to expose themselves
to the possibility of kidnapping and robbery?
If the answer to (1) is "Late Cretaceous" and the answer to (2) is "about
1 meter long" then the answer to (3) may be "Sure, we think we'll find the
first T-Rex trail known and gain incredible insight into its behavior."

"Simon, Robert (RISI)" wrote:.

> One of the slides shows very large
> three-toed tracks, forming a trackway up the hillside and are quite
> impressive!