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Re: picture of new dinosaur's remains

Chandler Gibbons wrote:

<The skeleton isn't very complete, but they're still
excavating and might find some more bones.>

  Ahhh. Looks like you've got a megalosaur on your
hands, there. Compares very well with *Torvosaurus*
and *"Megalosaurus" hesperis*; ribs, a probable
fibula, what looks like an anterior gastralium up near
the top left (or a furcula? You know, that was the
_first_ thing that popped into my mind), and several
caudal vertebrae, from the size about mid-series.
Looks real cool, and compares well with other
Europoean and British finds on the skull.

  Could be *Poekilopleuron*?

  Anyway, endless chatter awaits, and I'll probably
have recontructed it already by the time this message
hits the lot o' you.

  Greetings from the Gem State,

Jaime A. Headden

"May I lure us, ere the mote ends us?"

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