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Re: Apatornis

At 01:04 PM 6/22/99 -0400, Grant Harding wrote:
>Hi all.
>What did _Apatornis_ eat?
>In addition to flying, was it adapted for walking, climbing and/or swimming?

_Apatornis_ is a poorly known ichthyornithiform.  By inference from
_Ichthyornis_, it was a flier, walker, and probably could do a little
swimming/diving (but no real particular adapations for the latter two).

Incidentally, does anyone know what material (and how secure the ID is)
there is for _Apatornis_ in the Judith River Group/Dinosaur Park Formation?
If this ID was done prior to the work on enantiornitines, this material
could well be misidentified.  The type _A. celer_ material is from the older
Niobrara Chalk of Kansas.

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