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Re: New Phobosuchus movie?

--- Christopher Srnka <theclaw@sprintmail.com> wrote:

> Sorta dino related, I guess...saw a commercial for a
> new movie  coming
> out on July 16th that features a 50
> foot-crocodile...special effects
> looked pretty good, gotta wonder if the story will
> be "Lost World" meets
> "Anaconda"....a little bit of  info is on
> www.foxmovies.com in the
> "Coming soon" section. the name of the new film is
> "Lake Placid". There
> is mention in the info that a paleontologist
> character is supposed to be
> involved.

OK, I'll bite, pardon the expression.

LAKE PLACID is supposed to be very entertaining. 
Giant crocodile on the loose in ... Maine.  Very
tongue-in-cheek, with such touches as Betty White as
the animal-loving old lady who lives nearby.  

Bridget Fonda is the paleontologist.  Hubba hubba.  I
guess Anna Nicole Smith had other commitments.

I don't think it's Phobo/Deinosuchus though.  I think
it's just a really, really big saltie.

Don't read this if you're sensitive to spoilers:

At one point, while searching for a missing man, a
game warden and a parks dept. ranger find a toe.  Game
warden Bill Pullman holds up the toe and asks the
ranger, "is this the missing man?", to which the
Ranger replies, "he used to be taller."


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