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Re: Megaraptor

>   A little observation that I have made, and would ask for an explanatio=
>for, the farther south one looks, the larger the dromaeosaurids are.
>Velociraptor, three feet tall, in Monglolia. Deinonychus, almost the size=
> of a
>man, in Montana (Montana is right, isn't it?). Utahraptor, larger than a =
>(about 8 feet) in Utah, and then Megaraptor in S. America. Why is this?

_Variraptor_, a dromaeosaurid from France, is only around 2m long, but a new 
(and not yet described) dromaeosaurid from Japan is at least as big as 
_Utahraptor_.  Japan is quite a ways north.

I think this may have been already said, but there's no compelling reason to 
include _Megaraptor_ in the Dromaeosauridae.