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New major article

A long awaited paper:

Sereno, P. C. 1999. The Evolution of Dinosaurs. Science 284: 2137-2147.

This is a review paper about recent advances in dinosaur science by Paul
Sereno, in a special issue of Science devoted to Evolution.  The
significance of this paper is that it includes (as supplementary material on
the website) the datamatrix!  Yes, a bigass (tm) data matrix (actually,
several different matricies) for every major clade of Dinosauria.  Very cool
illustrations, too.

Don't agree with all the results, but there is a lot that is very useful
there.  I also especially recommend this paper to people who might be
teaching a dinosaur class but who aren't dinosaur paleontologists by
training: this will give you a fairly comprehensive look at the current
status & contraversies in dino systematics.

Many other excellent things in this issue, too.  Must get my own copy.

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