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Re: JVP 19(2) CD-ROM- psychic alligator

From: "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <th81@umail.umd.edu>
Subject: JVP 19(2)

And speaking of crocodyliforms...
Accompanying this issue is a memior of the SVP, in two parts. The first is
a CD-ROM digital atlas of the skull of _Alligator mississippiensis_,
containing CT scans through the skull in various directions. The text reference is:
Rowe, T., C. A. Brochu, M. Colbert, J. W. Merck, Jr., K. Kishi, E. Saglamer& S. Warren. 1999. Introduction to _Alligator: Digital Atlas of the Skull_.Mem. SVP 6: 1-8.
Unfortunately, my copy of the disc (and many others, I hear) was >damaged in shipping.

My mailman was kind enough to leave my JVP at my doorstop instead of stuffing it into my tiny mailbox.
The CD-rom is fantastic! You can slice through the modern alligator skull from several directions with every 5th slice being anatomically labeled. Also included are "movies" of the skull rotating, including one which the viewer can manipulate and turn the skull to any position. There is also a joke feature called "psychic Alligator" in which the skull image nods yes or no after you imput any question -- sort of like the magic 8-ball.
My only complaint I had was that when I used the "Psychic Alligator" there was no way to quit the program; and I had to turn off the machine and restart after removing the CD.

Dan Phelps
President, Kentucky Paleontological Society

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