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New sauropod found in Portugal - to be announced

We received this message this morning from Dr. Mateus and are not sure
if anyone else has mentioned it:

There was found new sauropod remains at Lourinhã (Portugal).
        It';s being excavated and worked by Prof. Miguel Telles Antunes
and myself.
        A tibia, fibula, a 1m tall vertebra, ribs, gastroliths, and
other bones were already found.
        The excavation will continue this summer. Volunteers are

        Several sauropods are known in Lourinhã area including the
Dinheirosaurus lourinhanensis and Brachiosaurus atalaiensis.
              Octávio Mateus

His museum has a website at:

Website:  http://www.hpv.pt/geal/
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