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Re: New taxon (and taxonomy) from Sereno's Science paper

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, Jaime A. Headden wrote:

> Tom Holtz wrote, bless his soul:
> <and Oviraptoroidea (_Oviraptor_, _Caenagnathus_,
> their most recent common ancestor, and all
> descendants).>
>   Or maybe I should say, bless Sereno's soul. If he
> didn't name it, and this way, I would have, once I had
> the opportunity.
>   I can now place, after long grinding of teeth,
> Oviraptoroidea into my pages, once they're up.

Wasn't the name Oviraptorosauria already applied to this clade?
Personally, I'd prefer Oviraptorosauria as a stem taxon of some sort --
priority issues seem kinda muddled, as I recall from the list's last
discussion -- uncertainty as to whether {_Oviraptor_ + _Chirostenotes_
(=_Caenagnathus_)} or {_Oviraptor_ > Neornithes} had priority.

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