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Re: Japanese dromaeosaur

Ralph W. MILLER III wrote:

    "Ultimately, Ray Stanford's as yet unpublished dromaeosaur tracks laid
down in deep mud (if such they be), which reportedly feature impressions of
the raised sickle
claw, may help in restoring dromaeosaur claws to their approximate length
and sharpness."

    That's correct.  Currently five Dromeosaur pes impressions (four single
right tracks, two left) that I consider definites have been found.
Additionally, there are others that are evidently of Dromeosaur origin,
including one small trackway found very recently, which is comprised of
three successive juvenile (e.g., if made by Deinonychus) tracks (left,
right, left)! An article describing and illustrating most examples should be
published within the next 12 months or so, although I am presently unsure of
which journal will carry it.

    Several Dromeosaur teeth (reportedly from Deinonychus) have been found
by Thomas R. Lipka (of this list) in the Arundel clay of Maryland (where the
tracks were found), and within close range of more than one of the
Dromeosaur track-find sites.

    Indeed, several of the tracks show the 'terrible claw' to have been
incredibly -- even awesomely -- sharp.  Evidence in the substrate is
absolutely startling.

    Please wait for the article and read it before evaluating my statements
in this note, and then I can respond to questions and comments.  I will
announce the forthcoming publication as soon as circumstances permit.

    Ray Stanford