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Seismosaurus (was Re: Information)

Johnathan Schmidt wrote:

<I would like to know if Gillette's book, Seismosaurus
The Earth Shaker, is still an accurate book in terms
of information about Seismosaurus, it's appearence and
so on? For instance do most people agree that
Seismosaurus had that unusual kink in its tail that
Gillette mentions?>

  The "kink" is formed by a single caudal, the 11th to
15th, if I recall correctly, that curves the tail down
a considerable about, but not low enough for the tail
to curve out strait. I've talked with Dave on this,
(thanks, Dan) and the bone is not a quirk of
preservation, and in his opinion, is not deformed. But
more than the tail is unique, including the pelvis.

  As for appearance, it is unlikely that Dave will be
able to continue excavation into the hillside from
whence Seismo came, as the land is protected, and they
can do only so much to it without "marring the
landscape," so they had to stop. It also would have
been a paleontological feat to dig down 30 ft for over
a hundred feet horizontally to get the whole skeleton,
if it's even there. It does continue for some ways
into the hill, Dave says, but they cannot reasonably
get to it without violating several federal laws, and
destroying a natural feature that few people are
actually willing to do (were talkin' poachers, here,
bub -- and this is _not_ directed at private
collectors, absolutely not!).

  Accurate? Things change with time, and we all (and
especially Dave!) would love to get more of Seismo!

Jaime A. Headden

"May I lure us, ere the mote ends us?"

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