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CAVEPS 97 refs.

This volume, containing papers and abstracts from the 6th CAVEPS and
Extinction Symposium held in Perth in July 1997, was finally released last
month...but it's such a huge coffee-table piece of work thats its taken me
up till now to read it all:

Papers in Vertebrate Palaeontology (Alex Baynes, John Long eds.). Records of
the Western Australian Museum Supplement  No. 57, 424 pp

Sections likely to be of interest to listmembers include:

P. Vickers-Rich, T.H. Rich, G.C. McNamara and A. Milner.
"Is -Agrosaurus macgillivrayi- Australia's oldest dinosaur?" (pp 191-200)

(provides very compelling evidence that Agrosaurus, described from material
supposedly from northeast Australia, is in fact a specimen of
-Thecodontosaurus- from Durdham Downs, England.)

A.R.I. Cruickshank, R.E.Fordyce and J.A. Long.
"Recent developments in Australasian sauropterygian palaeontology." (pp 201-205)

(Review of recent research into Aussie and New Zealander plesiosaurs and

B. Choo.
"Cretaceous ichthyosaurs from Western Australia." (pp 207-218)

(My humble first attempt at a paper (waaa). Mostly scrap but there seems to
have been a Platypterygius sp. in the west distinct from P. longmani in

"Determining the relative roles of climate and tectonics in the formation
of the fossil record of terrestrial vertebrates: a perspective from the
Late Cretaceous of western North America." (pp 219-228)

(The relative influence of regional tectonism vs climate in the formation
of the fossil record at localities in the Judith River and Two Medicine
Formations in Montana and the Judith River group of southern Alberta)

W.E. Boles.
"Early Eocene shorebirds (Aves: Charadriiformes) from the Tingamarra Local
Fauna, Murgon, Queensland, Australia."

(Fossil bird material from southeastern Queensland - conservatively
allocated to the Graculavidae)

Arthur Cruickshank
"Plesiosaurs in a Gondwanan context: recent research on Cretaceous faunas
of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand" (p 396)

Norton Hiller, Al Mannering and Craig M.Jones
"-Mauisaurus haasti- - a new look at an old species of plesiosaur" (p 402)

Giusepe Leonardi
"Dinosaurs of Italy" (p 405-406)

Anthony Thulborn
"New dinosaur tracks from the Walloon Coal Measures (Middle Jurassic) of
Queensland" (p 419)

Brian Choo