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Whoppin' big ichthyosaur

Not quite dinosaurs, but way cool nonetheless (assuming the facts are
straight).  Story can be found at www.canoe.com (Toronto Sun).

              Monday, June 28, 1999

              Monster sea fossil dug up

                                    By CP
              VANCOUVER --  The bones of the biggest marine reptile ever

              discovered have been unearthed in northern B.C.

              At least 22 metres long, the ichthyosaur is the size of a
              whale. It exceeds all other specimens by at least 30%.

              The team from the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in
              Drumheller, Alta. is painstakingly removing the bones of
              220-million-year-old fossil near Fort St. John, about 800
              north of Vancouver.

              A helicopter will lift the fossil out of the bush.


M.J. Murphy

"The Shapes of Things are Dumb."
-L. Wittgenstein