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Re: Seismosaurus (was Re: Information)

I wrote:

<<The "kink" is formed by a single caudal, the 11th to
15th, if I recall correctly, that curves the tail down
a considerable about, but not low enough for the tail
to curve out strait.>>

Pat Norton wrote:

  Sorry. There's a downward curve at the point, but it
levels out well above the ground (about head height
for us) for most of the tail. Maybe that's the word I
needed, "levels out."

<<I've talked with Dave on this, (thanks, Dan) and the
bone is not a quirk of preservation, and in his
opinion, is not deformed. But more than the tail is
unique, including the pelvis.>>

<This is all very vague. Sorry to be so dense.>

  How the two pubes contact each other, and the shape
of the distal ends, and the shape of the ischia being
distally -- "hooklike" should describe it -- along
with the morphology of the anterior caudals being
quite distinct from other Morrison sauropods
(*Diplodocus* was explicitly compared, and
*Apatosaurus*). Oh, and it's big. Real big, and long.
Real long.

Jaime A. Headden

"May I lure us, ere the mote ends us?"

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