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Re: New taxon (and taxonomy) from Sereno's Science paper

DinoGeorge wrote:

<However, I just discovered that Oviraptoroidea is the
wrong name. Should be Caenagnathoidea, because
Caenagnathidae Sternberg 1940 has considerable
priority over Oviraptoridae Barsbold 1976.
Caenagnathoidea is the correct name for an
oviraptorosaurian superfamily containing Caenagnathus.
Time for another letter to Science. (Did this to Paul
before, for Spinosauroidea versus Torvosauroidea.)>

  A name's a name. Could be "Tim." But *Oviraptor* has
priority over *Caenagnathus* by 16 years. I could be
wrong about the use of genera as priority markers, or
is it suprageneric taxa that are used in this case
only? Sounds cool, either way, though, and I have no
real investment in the Ovi'oidea name, so if it gets
bumped (if it can?) then okay.

  What's the rule book say?

Jaime A. Headden

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