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Re: JVP 19(2) CD-ROM- psychic alligator/Jack Horner/Sue/Jurassic Foundation


    Sorry for the repeated message - but the original was way too
incomplete.  I was typing my message, when suddenly, the message was sent
AND Outlook closed!  Also, I was going to make some dinosaurian comments
about at least one other letter as well, so here it goes...

Chris said:

-----Original Message-----
From: chris brochu
Subject: Re: JVP 19(2) CD-ROM- psychic alligator

>There is no drop-down menu, but you should be able to quit it using the
>same key commands used to quit other applications - on a Mac, that's
>"apple-Q".  Similar key commands exist in Windows.

There are a few ways to exit a non-compliant program in Windows or Windows

    In Windows 3.1/3.11/3.12:    Press Alt-F4 (at the same time, of course).
        If you press it too many times, you will exit Windows, and be left
in DOS.

    In Windows 95/98/NT 4.0:    The above method still works (unless the
        programmer specifically disabled the keys).  Better, press the
        Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys.  This will give you a chance to look at the
        running via Task Manager.  Select the recalcitrant program, and
        on the "End Task" button.  You may need to do this several times
        it actually ends.  (Don't press Ctrl-Alt-Delete too many times in a
row, or
        it will exit the system).


    Matt (Alien4020) said:
        "This may already have been mentiones ( I was out of town) but in
        the July 1999 issue of Discovery magazine on page 47, there's
        an interesting one page article on Jack Horner. I've seen his name
        mentioned on this list serveral times, but I'm not sure if he's
actually on it.
        Sorry if it's already been mentioned.

    It hasn't been yet. I've seen the article, it is part of an advertising
    about Intel's International Science Fair awards, which were held in
Phila. PA
    a few months ago (not sure of the dates).  Jack is often mentioned on
this list,
    but I don't believe he's actually on it.  The article claims that Jack
has discovered
    more dinosaur fossils than anyone in history!   My understanding is that
Dong Zhiming
    may actually hold the record for the most dinosaur fossils found and
named.  However,
    in terms of discovery in numbers of individual specimens - then Jack
probably has the
    record just for the _Maiasaura_ bonebed.  (10,000-15,000 individuals

    Speaking of articles:  I just read the National Geographic article on
Sue.  Great pics and info.
 Lucky Chris Brochu apparently caressing Sue's massive skull :-).

    Also, in the Discover magazine is a letter from Don Lessem, concerning
the "Jurassic Foundation" which he has founded, about appointing Phil Currie
as the director of it (since Phil was in featured in a recent Discover
article).  Does anyone know anything more about this foundation?

        Thanks for your patience.

                Allan Edels