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Hello list-college's,

I saw the documentry of Paul Sereno's Suchomimus Therensis (not sure 
of that second name) which my parent's in law taped for me on the 
National Geographic Channel (my cable does not support it).
What a magnificent creature! It is absolutely beautifull! Is there 
anyone who has more information for me about this beauty; a paper 
photo's (off-line, I have learned my lesson), references etc. Anything?
Thanks in advance.
I spend all night mesmerizing about the creature and imagined it 
standing there like modern Grizzlies when the salmon returns to their 
spawning grounds. Several of them wading and standing in the water 
feeding on the large quantities of migrating fish (speculation is not 
a crime...) But let's see if someone has noticed this point too.
At the end they show a reconstruction by Czerkas I believe. The 
colouration (always very debatable, I know) is beautifull. But if it 
was a fishing predator looming over the water as they suggested, 
wouldn't it be more logical to give it a light-coloured underside as 
camouflage for the prey in the water? (Like sharks and crocodiles; 
light underside-dark topside). Does anyone have a different opinion?