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Re: suchomimus


>  But if it
> was a fishing predator looming over the water as they suggested,
> wouldn't it be more logical to give it a light-coloured underside as
> camouflage for the prey in the water? (Like sharks and crocodiles;
> light underside-dark topside). Does anyone have a different opinion?


Well, countershading is a pretty common camoflage device...but the
grizzlies you mentioned earlier are nice and brown all over, I
believe...maybe they can get away with that during the salmon spawning
season, because the fishies only have one thing in mind...

Comparing a terrestrial predator fishing from above water to an aquatic one
fishing underwater (like a croc or shark) might not be apt...:-)  Can't
think of other terrestrial fishers at the moment, besides birds, and I
think the size difference between a heron and _Suchomimus_ sort of makes
comparison difficult...8) Thoughts?

Andrea Kirk
University of Maryland