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Re: Seismosaurus halli

"For all of you discussing S.halli, there is a full size skeletal
reconstruction of one currently on display at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in
Thermopolis WY.  Check it out"

"I'm curious as to how this is possible, when the sole existing
 specimen has been neither fully prepared nor molded and cast...?"

"The animal is a reconstruction - a model based on the available data and
interpolation with other closely related sauropods. It is not intended to be
a fully accurate casting of the original material, but rather is intended to
provide the viewer with a better idea what all the numbers tossed around
about the animal really mean.  The model was created because of the
difficulties associated with collecting and preparing the original - many of
us may be dead and gone before a mount of the real animal is available." -
quoted from the builder of the model.

Mr. K.Wicks
Dickinson State University -ND
Dept of Natural Sciences- Biology

Paleo Mont Research

Paleo Mont Park

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldnt be called research, would it?" A.

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