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Re: The "ideal" Eumaniraptoran arm motion

>>If the ancestral appendage-movement that originated flapping is flapping
>>itself we have a circular arguement.
>>-Betty Cunningham
>>Larry Febo wrote:
>>> It seems MUCH more likely, ...to me,
>>> that many of these "Avian" features are holdovers from a previous flying
>>> ancestor and are actually "proof" that these creatures are secondarily
>>> flightless.
>>-- >
>No, ...not "circular",...more like a precise motion in a strictly level
>plane (well, maybe a slight figure eight), ...ideally suited for avian
>flight (a very specific function, leaving very little room for error), but
>(somehow) also an ideal motion for capturing prey!

Icthyostega had feet which were ideally suited for walking as well
but it lived in water most likely 99% of the time although its ancestors
were undoubtedly fully aquatic, so what's your point?