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FW: Burpee Museum

forwarded with permission from alt.dinosaur
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Subject: Burpee Museum
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 02:50:48 GMT
From: brusatte@theramp.net (Steve Brusatte)
Reply-To: brusatte@theramp.net
Organization: Dino Land
Newsgroups: alt.dinosaur

I just got back from the Burpee Museum of  Natural History in
Rockford, Illinois.  From 25-28 of February they hosted the Out of the
Rock Paleo Festival.  I attended Sunday and listened to talks by Karen
Chin, Bill Shear, and Donald Mikulic.  I also had a personal interview
for the paleo book I am writing with Ben Waggoner.  I am not sure if
Waggoner is a member of this group, but he is a member of
sci.bio.paleontology.  Waggoner is just two years out of school and is
already considered a paleontological genius.  Just hearing him speak
is wonderful.  But, unlike many Doctors, his speeches are not boring
talks that seem to drag on.  At the Burpee speech he used toilet paper
as a prop during his speech on the Cambrian.  Waggoner is a carbon
copy of Bob Bakker-long haired, controversial, stubborn (he will not
yield to anyone, despite his age, and he is usually probably right!),
intelligent, funny, and very interesting.  He is currently an Asst.
Professor at Central Arkansas, but will probably not be there for
long.  I also met Joanne Kluessendorf, Klaus Westphal, Lonny Stark,
and Mike Henderson.  It was a great day.  If anyone had any
experiences at the Burpee, I would love to hear them.  Please reply to
this message.
Oh yes, look for a review of the festival in Fossil News.  Allen Debus
and I plan to write an article for that fine publication.
Steve Brusatte