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Re: "Dinos of a Feather"

Dr. Tom wrote:

>Grappling with the jaws, sure; tearing and yanking with the powerful neck,
sure; but rolling around with a 4 tonne _Edmontosaurus_ or 6 tonne
_Triceratops_ or whatever is a good route for getting your rib
>cage/skull/limbs crushed.

But isn't that what the fossil record shows?--at least to some extent?  As
Darren Tanke has pointed out recently, trackways show evidence of deformed
toes and even limping dinosaurs (theropods and sauropods).   He also says
that Hadrosaurs show a lot of evidence for bone trauma, including very
serious jaw fractures, massive pelvic fractures and crush fractures to the
end of the tail,  Tyrannosaurs are known to have suffered fractures,
including fibula fractures, broken ribs and gastralia  (according to Darren;
due to high impact falls).  Some of the more recent tyrannosaur skeletons
appear to indicate even more rough and tumble lifestyles.....witness Sue and
Stan and the like...

Can we really rule out Tyrannosaurs ("the body") ventura?