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Re: The "ideal" Eumaniraptoran arm motion

Why would it reduce prey capture? Bats use their wings to capture
bugs-it makes a dandy scoop that funnels everything small to the mouth.
If the proto-wings were being used in an equivalent manner (and not
trying to hold a creature up in the air) I could see them being even
more efficient for this purpose than that of bats.


"Norton, Patrick" wrote:
> This touches upon something that's puzzled me for a while about the
> cursorial theory of the origin of flight.  As the feathered arms of the
> cursorial dinosaurian ancestor of birds were exapted/selected for flight,
> their contribution to prey capture must have declined. The "capture
> cone"---the forward area within the reach of a running bipedal dinosaur's
> hands and mouth---would have been reduced as selection on the arms and
> hands became more for aerodynamic function than for prey capture.

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