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Re: More on the roboytic coelacanth, etc

---"Garrison L. Hilliard" <garrison@efn.org> wrote:

> I noticed that you included the virus file "Happy99" to your mailing,
> Ray... say goodbye to your account.


I am treading on dangerous ground here, disobeying the list rule not
to comment on list administration, for one purpose only --

I suggest that you do NOT bombard poor Ray McCallister with angry
e-mails or complain to his ISP until the list administrators look into
it! Recall that happy99 comandeers your system and automatically sends
out e-mail attempting to propagate itself.  He was probably
unwittingly infected.  Presumably we'll get a message from Mary and/or
Mickey soon enough.
The third was asked which animal was the smartest of all, and the Brahmin 
replied: "The one we have not found yet."
---From Plutarch's biography of Alexander the Great


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