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RE: Rough & tumble world

George Leonard <gl91bciiLt@earthlink.net> quoted Horner:

> **The center of gravity for this 12000 lb dinosaur was twelve feet
> the ground, making it very unstable and an unlikely candidate for
> agile moves...

But it's instability (plus strength, leverage and reflexes) that makes
animals agile.  For example, the high centre of gravity of mammals
makes them much more liable to tripping and falling than a lizard of
the same size, but it enables them to change direction much faster. 
Similar factors apply to birds, aircraft, and other things.

>T Rex's arms are so short they cannot be joined together, 
> they cannot grasp themselves...

This makes wrestling unwise, and it also deprives Tyrannosaurus of a
way to break a fall.  Fair enough.

>Tiny eye sockets mean tiny eyes and tiny 
> eyes imply poor vision.

How small are the eyes?  Most birds can see well with eyes less that a
centimetre across.

>... If the huge animal moved too 
> quickly it might stumble to the ground, crushing itself under its own 
> weight... it would fall only once [for it couldn't right itself? As I 
> heard argued elsewhere.]

Presumably because it would crush all its ribs and/or break its neck. 
I'm sure T. could raise itself from a resting posture.

Good luck with the novel,

Bill Adlam
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