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re: rough and tumble

GeorgeGeorge J. Leonard wrote:
>But I find such disagreement among 
>the experts even about the fundamental nature of a >comparatively
well-known animal like T Rex, my >wish to be "accurate" seems increasingly 

Welcome to paleontology George! :) Almost everything is up for grabs- put 10
paleontologists in a room and you'll get at least 10 different answers every
time. Actually, this is one of the reasons I love the science. 

My advice- read as much as possible by as many different authorities as
possible. Always try to inspect the other side of an argument, even if you
think your mind is made up. Try not to assume that everything your favorate
paleontologist or a respected name says is always correct. In the end, as a
well-read ameteur, you can form your own opinions.

As far as you book is concerned, it's noble that you are trying to get it
"right". But in the end you will have to make some leaps when it comes to
behaviours. It is a novel, and you do have some artistic license. Just be
reasonable about it. I'm sure the paleoart crowd on this list can be of

-Sherry Michael

(As far as the "falling rex" thing, IMHO, I don't find it very logical. How
many animals do you know that could kill itself so easily?)

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