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Re: Rough & tumble world (was Re: "Dinos of a Feather" )

even if Jack was possibly correct that T rex never took a bite out of a
living prey animal there is MORE than enough evidence that T rex bit
other T rexes.  
This isn't support nor contradiction of T rex killing it's own meals. 
This is in support of interspecies contests, an all-together different


George Leonard wrote:

> What surprises this humanist/amateur (who began this thread) is that
> neither Dr. Tom, Patrick Norton nor Betty Cunningham even care to tip
> their hat to the picture of T Rex that John R. Horner put out in Dinosaur
> Lives (1997 Quotes below).
T Rex.... was an opportunistic scavenger, a
> connoisseur of carcasses, not an aggressive hunter like Velociraptor.**

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