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New(ish) Protoavis papers

Just saw these. On the recent topic of "Protoavis":

Chatterjee, S. 1998. The avian status of Protoavis. Archaeopteryx 16:99-122.


Dyke, G.J. and J. Thorley. 1998. Reduced cladistic consensus methods and the inter-relationships of Protoavis, Avimimus, and Mesozoic birds. Archaeopteryx 16:123-129.

Sankar restates his case for the Urvolgelness of his thing(s), presents a cladistic analysis w/ data matrix, decent PHOTOS (yes indeedy), and confronts others' arguments against his interpretations. Judge for yourself...

D&T show that the placement of Protoavis and Avimimus within the eumaniraptoran tree is unclear, but their in/exclusion doesn't affect tree topology. One point is that we need more data to help resolve their positions. I've heard <gossip, i.e. not necessarily true> that there is new, associated, non-chimaeric Avimimus material. </gossip>

There's some other stuff in that issue in German that I haven't deciphered yet, about Caudipteryx and company. Looks more like a news article than an interpretive analysis, but I could be wrong. Beautiful color photos of Solnhofen fishes, too.

Zum wohl,
--John R. Hutchinson