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Re: The "ideal" Eumaniraptoran arm motion

I don't have any comments about this part of the issue.  I was only commenting
on the drag vectors due to the wing motions.

Larry Febo wrote:

> Well, I gotta admit, sounds a lot better than that stick diagram I tried to
> draw out in my head. ...Got some of the angles wrong too ...I think (I`ll
> admit that before someone else "carches" me). In actuality, I see the result
> of the wing type motion is not that far off from a bird in flight,  maybe
> only a bit more "drag" produced . Still, ...it seems that the claws, when
> brought together, would only be able to grab at things fairly close to the
> ground, when in a running position. Anything large, would be in reach of the
> jaws before the hands. Why such a limited motion in one plane?? Can that be
> called optimal? You`d think it had time to evolve more freedom of movement
> in the shoulder girdle.
> And the thought that this "optimal" restricted motion "just happened" to be
> the ideal for avian flight.........it`s just too hard for me to buy it.