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RE: Arms into wings

>        If a group of hard working predators have grievances that can't be
>        addressed
>        any other way, they might strike.  After all, who would dare try to
>        cross the
>        picket line?

If I was a _Tyrannosaurus_ and I had to roll around every day with a
_Triceratops_ on top of me (like some list members would have me do), I
would certainly go on strike!

But seriously folks - this "predatory strike" would have to be damaging to
the wing feathers of pre-bird maniraptorans.  It would be lost well before
the forelimbs became aerodynamic.

Therefore, I'm assuming the predatory functions (if any) of proto-birds
would be executed by the jaws and feet, not the arms.  The hands would be
used for grasping and stuffing the food into the mouth and/or for climbing
the trunks of trees - not for killing or maiming.

Tim Williams