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Re: Arms into wings

In a message dated 3/3/99 10:53:04 PM, Jaime A. Headden writes:

<< Brooding _or_ flight could have come first, but feathers were there before
either, so what were feathers being used for before either? And then the next
Struthioniforms and allies certainly don't lean into the wind when running,
being partially indifferent to it. Wind doesn't matter when you're a ground
animal.  >>

Answer 2: In my view, ostriches are big dumb birds that don't have to worry
about winds less than gale force. Not a good model for Archaeopteryx's much
smaller immediate ancestor.

Answer 1: You can't be sure that either flight or brooding post-date feathers.
I won't address non-feathered flight, since I'm not interested in it. But non-
feathered brooding probably DID predate feathered brooding. There are plenty
of brooding lizards, snakes and gators to establish that. So I would answer
your first question, "Nothing." By that I mean that I don't immediatley accept
your concept that there were other uses for feathers that predated brooding
uses for feathers -- why should there be?

Tom Hopp