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Re: Arms into wings

In a message dated 3/4/99 9:05:27 PM EST, TomHopp@aol.com writes:

<< But George, the roadrunner IS NOT "a stage in the evolution of a
 flightless, ground-dwelling cursorial form from a flying ancestor." It just

How do you >know< that it is not a stage in the evolution of a secondarily
flightless form? Did you just put new batteries in your crystal ball, and see
what the descendants of the roadrunner will evolve into in the future? I
submit it is a >model< for a stage in the evolution of secondary
flightlessness; whether it >really< is a stage in such a scenario we will
perhaps know in a few million years.

<< And what it is, is a running hunter that occasionally leaps up and delays
 its return to earth by flapping. It is a fine model for both scenarios.
 Therefore, my scenario doesn't lack a modern example. Neither does yours. >>

And since the scenarios are quite different, the model is moot--which was my
original point, which you denied.

Just out of curiosity, do roadrunners use their wings for brooding?