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Re: Teeth of Moroccan dinosaurs

T Hammann wrote:
> <Teeth of Moroccan dinosaurs>
> Hi all,
> I'm Thomas from Germany and I've got a question. It would be fantastic if 
> there
> is someone who can answer it.
> I wonder about the (relatively) high number of teeth from Carcharodontosaurus
> saharicus and Spinosaurus spec. for sale. Whenever I see such a tooth from
> Morocco I've doubts if it is authentic because there were found only a few
> complete skeletons of these species.
> Who knows more about these teeth? How is it possible that there are so many of
> them?
One thing people need to realize that not all the teeth that is being
sold as dinosaur teeth are dinosaur teeth. I'm thinking of starting a
colletion to idenity as may genera as I can. Some teeth are fish,
pterosaur, plesiosaur, and crocodilian.